WATCHCOVIDEND is a social initiative of CAREANIMATIONS to support governments, health insurers, public health services, care providers, and other stakeholders with information provision regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and the benefits of vaccination. WATCHCOVIDEND is easy-to-understand for all, including for people with limited health literacy and/or limited language proficiency, and can be tailored to individual stakeholder needs.

CAREANIMATIONS is a digital health company founded in 2016 in the Netherlands, specialized in providing reliable, easy-to-access and easy-to-understand medical information for patients, using tailored, interactive animated videos and pictograms. For more information or requests, contact: or visit our website:

WATCHCOVIDEND is tailored to the actual situation and measures of the country where we make WATCHCOVIDEND available. Therefore, we create country specific websites. For our videos about the COVID-19 vaccine, we only offer videos of the vaccines that are authorized by the FDA or EMA and are used in the COVID-19 vaccination programme. New vaccines that are authorized will be added as soon as possible.

WATCHCOVIDEND is now available for the following countries:
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